A race of short, bird-like people. Avians were not a genetically engineered race, but like the Cloven, are humans who were altered by magic.

A notable Avian is Kor Yander.


Avians are human/bird hybrids. The most notable feature is their large wings. They also have bird-like feet, as well as a feathered tails that presumably serve the same purpose as the tails of regular birds.

Their small size, around the height of a child, coupled with their large wingspan, aids in their ability to fly. In addition, it can be assumed their bones are either slightly hollow like those of true birds, or their ability to generate lift is a passive magical ability shared by the race a whole.

Notable AviansEdit


  • Despite his wings, Raven is human, not Avian.
  • Their species name can be assumed to be Homo spapiens avis, or "wise bird man", as avis means bird.