Beastmen are people who can shift between a human form and the "beast" form of their particular race. They originated from humans when DNA alteration started to become popular. It started off with cosmetic alterations: cat ears/eyes were the first changes. Eventually, the DNA alteration expanded into military applications, with mostly good results, although some species were more unstable than others. The traits were passed along through the bloodlines of those with altered DNA, and their children were able to change forms.

There are also half-beastmen (e.g. the Luck Twins), who have one parent of beastmen origin. Half-beastmen share many traits with ordinary beastmen, but there are unable to completely shift forms. If they do attempt to transform, they tend to fall apart and injure themselves beyond most healing attempts. According to Paolin Burilia, trying to heal a beastman can be a dangerous endeavor, anyway, as they "bite instinctively when they're hurt."

Similarly to werewolves, beastmen are often refered to as "were" creatures, e.g "were-sharks."

There are many different species of beastmen, including sharkmen/were-sharks, were-whales, were-cats, were-dogs, and were-walruses.


Were-sharks (also known as "Sharkmen") are considered one of the more volatile beastmen groups. The Luck brothers and their father are three of the relatively kinder were-sharks.


Were-whales essentially hate were-sharks. They sometimes cover were-shark bones in enchantments that will set off an alarm if any sharkmen come around.

The only were-whale whose name we know is Uru Tan.


Little is known about the werecats. The only known ones are Abbess Tabitha and her daughter.

According to the author, there is a racist belief in the Archipelago that were-cats are "tricksy and selfish."


Were dogs, just like normal canines, come in many different breeds (though there are no werewolves that we know of), such as were-hyenas like Kurr.

Other Beastmen RacesEdit

  • Were-walruses - they presumably live in the colder areas of the world.
  • Were-cows


  • 80% of children born from two different were-beasts are either one or the other. If a were-dog and a were-shark had a child, it might be able to transform into either a were-dog or a were-shark. About 15% of children are born with NO ability to transform into anything (though they have a tendency to be very magically powerful). That last 5% are the few children that are born true mix breeds, but without the ability to transform, so once again in the case of the were-dog-shark child, it would be a human with perhaps webbed feet but a dog's tail and ears. Several entirely separate species have resulted from that last 5%, such as Pan's race The Cloven, which was originally a hybrid of a were-goat and a were-antelope. The Cloven have animal traits but cannot transform into a goat or an antelope.