"I'm a doctor. It's my job to heal the sick and tend to the wounded. Torture is what I do for FUN."

Snow to Knull after Kurr's operation.

Captain Snow
Evil undead cyborg pirate
Species Human/Cyborg
Gender Male
Age 58(physically in his 40s)
Hair White
Eyes Light Blue/Red)
Skin Pale
Magic Color Red
Alignment The Raven
Occupation Former-pirate, General of the Ravens
Home Island N/a
Affiliation Lucinda, Snow,
Han, Kurr, Vaniji, Steller,
Noemi(wife), Yulalia(daughter)
Unnamed Mother(deceased)
First Appearance Book 1, page 58

Captain Adrian Snow is one of the central villains of the series. A trained doctor and professional pirate. He died and came back to life with the aid of The Great Raven. He receives bionic limbs to replace his others as they become useless.


General to The Great Raven (though he prefers to go by Captain), Adrian Snow once trained to be a doctor, but became a pirate after he was banned from practicing medicine (most likely because of unethical experimentation).

Snow and his crew would kill and burn entire towns, taking any survivors as slaves. Most, if not all, of the slaves were tortured physically and psychologically by Snow as entertainment. His favorites were branded with his family crest, and when he grew bored he would kill them (Uru and Credenza are the only two people who were branded and escaped alive).

After a decade spreading pain and chaos across the Archipelago as a pirate, Captain Snow died of a brain tumor when he was 40 years old. It is said that his crew at the time mutilated his corpse in hopes that he could never return to continue his reign of terror. Eight years later, he was revived to serve as a key player in The Great Raven's plans.


Snow is a deranged psychopath with a taste for Earl Grey tea and torture (not necessarily in that order). He is clever, curious, charismatic, and very sadistic. However, he does display a meager amount of affection for his crew, preferring that they not kill each other. The people he loves most are his wife/widow and daughter, to the point where he has plans to destroy the Great Raven if the spirit threatens them.


  • Intellect - Captain Snow is a fearsome leader, a talented doctor, and a frighteningly imaginative torturer. He is handy with a variety of weapons, can keep a (potentially) mutinous crew in line, and put together some pretty twisted plans.
  • Mechanical Arm - Snow has very little magical ability of his own, but with his mechanical arm, he can use the gifts of the six heirs, and potentially the abilities of anyone else whose soul he captures. The arm also regenerates any body parts which are injured or lost, gradually turning him into a cyborg more robot than human.


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  • Spirit: Peacock and Lion
    • The two souls is a sign of insanity. His one soul has two natures that are so different from each other that it manifests as two separate things. The peacock represents the proud and distinguished part of Snow's soul, versus the lion which is his brutal, blood-thirsty half.