"I am Naval Captain Syn. My crew and I wish to spend the night."

Syn entering The Talking Skull Inn.

Captain Syn
Species Pandorian
Gender Male
Age N/a
Hair Dark gray(fur)
Eyes Gold
Skin Pink
Magic Color Purple
Alignment N/a
Occupation Navy Captain(former)
Home Island N/a
Affiliation Sierra(wife, deceased),
Solair, Dictum & Phlegmatus(crew)
First Appearance Book 1, page 24

Captain Syn is a Pandorian navy captain. As a navy captain, he is in charge of the waters in between the islands of the Archipelago.


He joined as a young male in his late teens, and soon afterward met his wife Sierra. He is obsessed with achieving rank. He captains a crew of only five aboard the Sea Strider having lost two of them, including his wife, to a horrible accident. He is one of the few Archipelians to carry a strange, ancient weapon called a gun.

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Arriving on Ruin Island, he recognizes Blitz as Anthony and attempts to kill him, claiming it to be justice for his wife but in actuality to keep him form revealing the truth. Lucas catches on, and Syn makes an attempt on his life that night, again framing it on Blitz. He chases Blitz into the woods, but Credenza soon catches up and assists Blitz. Eventually Raven takes over Blitz's body allowing him to defeat Syn. The next morning Aurther takes over as Captain for the Sea Strider and puts the former captain under arrest.


Syn is normally cool and collected, but recently his planning and preparation have been thrown askew by the murder of his wife.

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He was actually responsible for his wife's murder. He was smuggling weapons to gain more money, and when Sierra found out and refused to allow it he killed her. He later stated that love is meaningless, meaning he never felt anything for his wife, just convenience.


  • Flight - Being a Pandorian he is naturally capable of flight.
  • Gunslinger - He is one of few Archipelians to carry a gun, much less be able to use it well.



  • Spirit: Echo sound image
    • Pandorians tend to see the world as sound and echoes more than visually, their souls reflect that.