Chapter 2

Prince of Dreams

Original Title: Credenza and the Prince of the Eastern Continent


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The second chapter of the Archipelago Comic


The chapter begins with Credenza having a dream about Uru. In it, she recalls a moment during her time as a slave. A man(possibly a Sharkman judging from the jagged design of his mouth) yells at her for crying, when Uru threatens to eat him, later joking how Credenza would be barely a meal. When she asks why he doesn't just shapeshift, Uru indicates the spiked collar around his neck, explaining that if he did, his head would quite literally pop right off, before formally introducing himself. Immediately afterward however, the dream is interrupted by a flash of six formless shapes in different colors, before Credenza wakes up to Vanesse coming in to check on her.

Credenza tells her about the six shapes, and also explains that she's starting to believe Uru is dead. Vanesse denies this, sure he escaped. She also reveals it's been almost twelve years since Credenza's slavery ended. After mentioning Blitz, Credenaza shoos the matchmaker out and tries to go back to sleep.

It's been a month since the events of the previous chapter. As Credenza and Jan tend to the guests, Blitz is busy dragging something through the woods, presenting it as something shiny. Credenza promptly points out that it's still attached to someone, who introduces himself as Paollo. The man had apparently gotten lost chasing a butterfly before Blitz found him and dragged him to the inn. As Credenza attempts to pluck a leaf from his head, Paollo's tattoo flashes and launches Credenza into a strange vision for a brief second.

As Paollo explains how it's been in his family for generations, Raven reap[pears and gives a smirk at this new information, before noticing that Credenza has noticed him and reverts to Blitz. Just then, Tatami enters, relieved that the prince is okay, then apologizes for the noise of the other guards bursting in and collapsing into a massive pile. After straightening back up, they all explain who Paollo really is: The Prince of the Eastern Continent.

Paollo explains his reasons for being out in the Archipelago. The official one is promoting peace among the five nations, two of which appear to include the Eastern Continent and the Archipelago, and the real one is to get him out of his family's hair for a while. Paolin then enters, complaining about a moof infestation and wants Blitz to chase them away, yet he's nowhere to be found. The prince explains he saw him leave, and Credenza goes to investigate.

After a tip from Jan, Credenza discovers Raven slipping by a guard into Paollo's submarine. Using the excuse of a moof inspection, she follows, and discovers a lock's been magicked open. Immediately afterward, Raven knocks her out.

Credenza awakens miles later in a supply closet, discovered by Paollo. As a guard named Vamuro examines her head, she explains that she needs to find Blitz. The guard contacts Zatachi, ordering him to turn the sub around. When he does, Paollo collapses, his tattoo glowing brightly. Credenza moves to check his temperature, but gets pulled into a vision.

An omniscient Paollo tries to explain The Great Raven's plan, but fails, instead settling for giving Credenza a Soul Key, telling her that it can't open normal doors, before they both wake up. The necklace flashes red, indicating Raven's presence, and Credenza whips around to catch him trying to kidnap the prince. A struggle ensues, after which the possessed man finds he can't kill Credenza. Green magic swirls around him, forcing a switch back to Blitz, who is understandably confused.

The two promptly fabricate an explanation as to why they were on the sub in the first place, but Tatami doesn't buy it, he tells Paollo in private that they should keep an eye on them, since Credenza was clearly lying to protect Blitz, "who is more dangerous than he looks." Paollo asks if Tatami recalls the story of The Raven, which doubles as the Origin of the Archipelago. The islands were built upon the bones of a metal dragon, powered by many spirits. One of whom, the Raven, went mad with power and sought to control or destroy the Archipelago. Eventually, six souls were used to seal him away, but the seal didn't keep in the minor ravens, who roamed the world searching for those who could help release him. Paollo believes one of them carries such a raven.

Up on the bridge, a pair of guards spots a sub approaching with malicious intent. Vamuro attempts to distract the enemy with a smoke screen, but fails as the enemy sub uses a grapple on Paollo's. The former then launches torpedoes, followed by a large boarding tube. Getting the Prince and Credenza to a safe spot, the guards and Blitz gear up for battle as darkeyes make their way on board.

The darkeyes prove to be more than a match for the guards and Blitz, being immune to one's fire-breath. Kurr chooses then to arrive, telling them to hand over the prince, which the guards refuse. Giving a signal to the other members, Kurr takes on his beast-shape. Meanwhile, Knull gets gets to work nullifying their magic as the were-dog attacks. Lucinda swings an ax at another guard, emotionlessly apologizing to him for missing.

Credenza, seeing that the guards are being beaten, decides to sneak over to the other submarine and stop the caster, followed by Blitz and Paollo. Tatami sudden;ly notices Paollo looking injured and approaches to help, but gets stabbed in the gut, revealing "Paollo" to in fact be a skin-changer.

On the other sub, Credenza explains she was on a ship like this when she was a slave as she looks around at the bloodstains. Paollo interrupts he musings by finding Knull,  who is chanting and emitting all the magic he is suppressing. Blitz distracts him, releasing the spells, and after nearly being choked, reveals he was working for Captain Adrian Snow, whom Credenza harshly explains has been dead for six years. Paollo explains that Snow was a butcher, only being a "pirate" in that he traveled by sea. As Knull says that he has in fact returned, Snow himself makes his appearance and knocks Blitz away casually.

The captain grabs Paollo, only to have him knocked away by Credenza, who winds up in the prince's place. Paollo rushes to get the guards, only to be stopped by Han, who comments on how easy catching him was. After a brief debate on what to do with them Snow extracts Paollo's soul. Raven then takes his turn in Blitz's body, and tries to convince Snow, whom he calls "General", to let her live due to the immense power she has. The captain finally recognizes Credenza, and snaps at Raven, calling him a traitor to his former master. In anger Raven attacks, but gets blasted away with a pulse of magic, along with one of the guards and Credenza. With that, he teleports himself and the rest of his crew away after blasting a hole in the hull, flooding the ship.

Blitz manages to guide Credenza out, but winds up in as group of hammerhead sharks. She soon runs out of air and falls unconscious. The chapter ends with two men discovering Credenza drifting in the water.

Important EventsEdit

  • Credenza and Blitz meet Prince Paolo.
  • Paolo's soul is captured.
  • The Hunt for the Heirs begins.


  • Kurr's line, "let's see how dog-like I can be" is a possible reference to Disney's Aladdin, as Jafar transforms into a snake.
  • Knull's chant, "Omnasunta brouque vorgo dunte" translates into gibberish in known language, but is possibly a language in the Archipelago universe.
  • The pair of creatures seen on page 6 are identified as "large water dwelling mammals called Oowens. They can often be seen floating along the surface unless they dive down to hunt or hide." - author's tumblr