A somewhat proud race, the dragons have strong feelings on keeping their bloodlines pure, as only full-blooded dragons can transform.


A dragon council rules the Eastern section of The Archipelago.

There are four kinds of dragon, each kind corresponding to one of the four seasons. These seasons determine a dragon's various qualities, such as type of breath. (e.g. breathing fire vs. breathing ice)

  • Summer Dragons are born in (Archipeligan summer months), and have the traditional fire breath.
  • Autumn Dragons are born in (Autumnal months, and breathe smoke.
  • Winter Dragons are born in (winter months) and possess ice breath.
  • Spring/Vernal Dragons are born in (spring months) and spit acid.

Known DragonsEdit

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  • Blitz/Anthony - Full dragon who uses a cracked pocket watch to transform. Summer dragon.


  • Spring Dragons breathe acid, mostly because they are by nature are small and quick little creatures with thorny spikes, which makes [the author] think of how plants often use poison has a defense mechanism.
  • Autumn dragons are more laid back and they don’t like to fight, so their breath weapon is more for strategic escapes or distraction.
  • Both the acid and the smoke of spring and autumn dragons can have different abilities and qualities such as poison or sleep or stickiness.
  • Dragons dislike to kill their own kind, so if a dragon does some considered deeply wrong (such as murder), the other dragons will saw off the offender's horns to mark him or her as a criminal.