Mudpaw, one example of a Dryad

Archipelagian Dryads are an asexual, telepathic race, which does not seem to have been depicted in the comic. H. L. DeVera describes them here:

"Presenting the Archipelagan Dryad, bridge between plant and animal and bane to lumberjacks everywhere. An asexual telepathic race, they live in small highly territorial family groups ruled by a leader, who is also the only one who can have children. While they are obviously sentient and appear to have a complex culture of their own, communication with them is extremely difficult as they have no oral language, instead speaking to each other through a psychic language consisting of music, images, and colors. Those few humans who can even pick up the psychic messages have trouble deciphering them, as the various images seem to mean completely different things to a dryad than they do to anyone else."