"I'm just the crazy witchdoctor that lives in the hut down the road."

Jan about himself in Book 1, page 9

The boy with the heart of an island
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair White
Eyes Light Blue
Skin Dark
Magic Color Light Blue
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Witchdoctor
Home Island Ruin Island
Friends & Family Credenza Black(childhood friend),
Vanesse Burilia(crush),
Unknown father and mother
First Appearance Book 1, page 4

Jan the witchdoctor of Ruin island, a man with a magical connection to the land he lives on. Jan acts as guardian and caretaker of the island and the people who live on it. He has a special fondness for the Burilias, especially Vanesse.


Ruin Island used to be connected to Jan’s mother, who married a botanist. Both his parents died in a forest fire that swept the island, leaving a very young Jan to pick up the pieces of a wounded island and a broken family. He didn’t see another human being until the Burilia brothers made their home on the island.


Jan is confident in his abilities as a witchdoctor, but is uncertain of himself outside of his magic work. He has a crush on Vanesse, but is scared of her brothers.


Jan is supposedly a powerful witchdoctor. He has displayed the ability to teleport, but not successfully.



  • Spirit: Ruin Island
    • Jan is directly connected to the island, so if anything happens to him it will affect the island, and vice versa.