"Good enough for me."

Korus' only spoken line.

Korus Burilia
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 30
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Light
Magic Color Forest Green
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Innkeeper
Home Island Ruin Island
Friends & Family Paolin & Vanesse(siblings),
Blitz & Credenza(adopted-siblings)
First Appearance Book 1, page 7

Korus Burilia is the middle child of the Burilia siblings. In stark comparison to his older brother Korus, is optimistic and practically mute. He runs the kitchen of the Burilia's inn on Ruin Island and makes sure his brother doesn't scare off all the customers.


He moved with his small family to Ruin Island 10 years ago to start life running an inn. Soon Credenza washed ashore, and she was adopted by the family.

Korus was the cook for the inn, and was quick to accept Blitz when Credenza brought him to the inn. He served Blitz his first lunch in a long time.

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After Credenza and Blitz went missing, Korus and his brother Paolin set out from Ruin Island to find them. Their search took them all over the Archipelago, until Credenza's mote found them while in Quillotia. Recruited by King Fandango and the demon hunter Willium Drake, they eventually arrived near Penumbra Island where Paolin activated a gate card given to him by Willium, allowing the Quillotian army to enter the battle against The Great Raven.

After the battle Korus accepted Raven into their family.


Korus is very friendly. He loves to cook and even more to feed people.


  • Cooking - Korus appears to be a very efficient cook.

Whether he has any magic abilities is unknown.



  • Spirit: A giant tree.
  • He often carries his brother around.
  • Korus can cook eggs that taste so good, the first plate is usually free.
  • His only spoken line was said offscreen.