"You accepted the slavery of the Raven because you were scared of death. I accepted because I was afraid to go on living."

Lucinda to Knull.

Lucinda Potter
Scary doll lady
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 23(physically 19)
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue/Red
Skin Pale
Magic Color Blue
Alignment The Raven
Occupation Pirate, former-reader
Home Island Hidden Island(for most of her life)
Affiliation Captain Snow(boss),
Kurr, Han,
Knull(friend), Corveau(lost love),
Lydia & Abbess Tabitha(former friends)
First Appearance Book 1, page 24

Lucinda Potter is a young woman possessed by The Raven, who agreed to work for the evil spirit in exchange for removing her emotions.


Lucy was born into a very wealthy family that fell on hard times when her father died and her mother vanished, she was brought to the abbey by a loyal maid who knew the child would be looked after there. She became close friends with abbey mother's daughter; Lydia, and eventually became the reader of The Listing of Names.


Back in the Abbey she was described as intelligent, clever and loved by all. She was funny, kind, a philosopher, and a poet. But she was hopelessly fascinated by the outside world, which led her to become infatuated with the shipwrecked Corveau.

After accepting a raven into her, she became quite literally emotionless.


  • Book Compatible - She was one of the Listing of Name's Readers, before the book chose one of the Luck Brothers to be the next.
  • Weapon Efficiency - She is experienced in sword-fighting and ax-wielding.
    • Hiragi Training - At the abbey Lucinda was trained to use a Hiragi "Blooming Lotus" cannon.


  • Spirit: Cat surrounded by darkness
    • Before she became a raven her spirit was a full cat, but it has been suppressed by her darkness.
    • Her spirit bears a resemblance to the dark half of the yin-yang symbol.
  • Lucinda is named after the doll Lucinda from the short-story "The Tale of Two Bad Mice".
    • Her last name is also derived from the author's name; Beatrix Potter.