"You obviously had a vision. But HOW exactly, I'm not sure. Maybe if I poke it..."

Paollo after Credenza experiences a vision.

Prince Paollo Majestan
Head in the clouds, knee-deep in the mud
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 19
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Skin Dark
Magic Color Sky blue
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Crown Prince of Majestan
Home Island Eastern Continent
Friends & Family Tatami, Tusura, Gozazi,
Vamuro, Zatachi, Danise
Unnamed mother and father
First Appearance Book 1, page 24

Prince Paollo Majestan is the first born son of the King of the Eastern Continent. Paollo is openhearted and scatter brained. He spends most of his time travelling, seeing the world and keeping out of his family's hair.




Paollo is very light-headed. This is because his powerful dream abilities makes his mind primarily in the dreamworld at all times, making him not perceive the physical world as much as he should.


  • Dreamwalking - A skill common in Majestan, Paollo comes form a longline of powerful dreamwalkers.
  • Omniscience - Paollo can enter a state of omniscience during visions.


  • King Majestan and Queen Majestan - Parents
  • Royal Guard - Dear friends


  • Spirit: Butterflies
  • Paollo means corncob in his native language.