"I gave you loyalty and you spat on it. I may die, but you will not forget this little raven easily."

—Raven to Captain Snow, in Book 2, page 59.'

Profile Raven
The boy with no body
Species Spirit
Gender Male
Age Ageless
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Skin Spectral
Magic Color Red
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation N/a
Home Island N/a
Friends & Family The Great Raven(creator),
Credenza, Blitz(host),
Tuff, Riley, Listy
First Appearance Book 1, page 3

Raven is the spirit that possesses Blitz, and is an extension of The Great Raven. Most raven spirits are mindless drones that only act in the will of their master, but since inhabiting Blitz this raven seems to be developing in unusual ways.


Raven is a piece of the Great Raven spirit that attacked an injured Anthony Solair during a vulnerable moment. At the man's request, Raven began removing much of his memory, only to be stopped when he tried to destroy a memory of Solair's daughter. In an attempt to stop the spirit, Anthony stabbed himself in the eye, trapping Raven in his body and sealing him off from Great Raven. Although he had prevented Raven from taking control of him, Anthony still suffered immense mental trauma, resulting in amnesia and his transformation into Blitz.

Raven began to progressively develop as an individual. He experienced emotions as a result of sharing a body with Blitz, as well as through his interactions with Credenza. This process intensified when he was hit with magic from the soul amulet, which gave him his own soul.

For a long period of time, he and Blitz shared the same body, with one possessing and controlling the body while the other appeared in spectral form. The body's good eye glowed red when Raven was in control.

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He began to experience more and more what it was like to be human, and was able to take on material form using some special goggles. He briefly got a human form of his own when Credenza's powers exploded at the castle when she thought he'd died when Captain Snow hit him with the goggles on. Getting this form also permanently separated his soul from Blitz's.

This form faded away, but over time he slowly regained the physical form, starting with his left hand (freaking Tuff out in the process).

Eventually, most of the body had formed when the sub docked at Paper Island, forming legs and a waist while talking to The Raven.


Raven is sarcastic, bitingly honest, and a little cranky, but he's also kind, loyal, and brave. He questions his value as a person, and because of his origin as a raven, sometimes doubts that he is truly good. He has a soft spot for Credenza and Blitz.


As a Raven

  • Spirit - As a spirit, Raven was slightly intangible and totally invisible (except to people of high magic ability, like Credenza).
    • Body-swapping - Raven could swap with Blitz's spirit and take control of his body. When Raven occupied Blitz's form.
  • Energy Manipulation - Like all Ravens he is able to fight using energy.
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As a human

  • Flight - Raven is capable of flight with his now full size wings, not needing adrenaline to use them like before.
  • Spirit Wing - One of his wings remains spiritual like in his previous form, and doubles as an arm.
  • Swordsmanship - Raven is skilled in swordplay, and relies on it after losing his energy powers.



  • Raven rarely smiles, if ever. The author has stated that this is because smiling makes him seem out-of-character.
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  • Despite his wings, which may cause many readers to believe Raven is an Avian, Raven does not have tail feathers like other Avians, and is therefore stiill classified as "human".


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