Snowflakes is a side comic to Archipelago that takes the point of view of Captain Adrian Snow as he visits his family.


The chapter begins with a meeting between Snow's mother and his school teacher, who has called her in to talk about the young Snow. While he is a great student (good grades, always polite, etc.), the teacher points out that she's concerned about other behaviors. When asked about the problem, the teacher reveals the school's pet canary's mutilated corpse, saying that Adrian was supposed to take care of it. Instead, he had found some gardening tools and... did something extremely unpleasant to the bird. Going on, the teacher explains that young Snow hadn't done this on accident, that he'd wanted to see how it looked on the inside.

Outside, the mother calls for Adrian to go home. The boy complains that he was listening to a reading, but she insists, and he obeys, thanking the reader. She reveals that this exact problem with mutilating animals has happened many times before, explaining that it is very wrong to do that: The animals didn't deserve it. She tells him to promise that it won't happen again. After a moment of pouting, Adrian happily agrees... only to eventually kill his mother.

Years later, Present-day Snow wakes up from a dream about the memory, and looks at a picture of his family. Soon, he and the others stop at an island, with Snow leaving and telling the others to stay put while he goes to clear his head, and kill any solicitors if come by. As soon as the captain leaves, Kurr and Han decide to throw a party. Meanwhile, Lucinda and Knull discuss how deflated the captain is. Lucinda points out that he's a warrior, and "when you've fought and won against death, what is there left to fight?"

After the title page, Adrian is moaning his situation to a noodle vendor, paying him extra for listening, before spotting and hiding from a familiar face: Noemi Snow. Tailing her, Snow muses on how they met.

At a teahouse, Noemi is defending her place from Snow's crew with a spear. When the crew gets rough, Snow arrives and appears to calm them by chastising them for trying to burn it down. After requesting Earl Grey, Snow and the crew enters. Ten minutes later, Noemi successfully poisons everyone but Snow, who managed to detect it, and claims that he let the others die because they couldn't. The captain compliments her skill as Han enters carrying rum and clearly drunk. Snow shoos him out before continuing his discussion with Noemi, who eventually explains she would be happy to work for him.

Back in the present, Snow watches Noemi for a little longer, before flying down to the ground and magicking the door open and entering, only for Noemi to spear his right sleeve to the wall before recognizing and slapping him across the face twice: Once for breaking in, and again for stalking. She then kisses him and hits him again for dying.

Notable eventsEdit

  • Snow visits his family and makes it known that if the Raven threatens his family, Snow will betray him in a heartbeat.


  • A giant pocketwatch can be seen in the background of one of the panels as Snow leaves. Why a giant metal dragon would need a pocket watch...