The Archipelago is a chain cluster of islands where the Archipelago Comic takes place.


The Archipelago is said to have been built on the gears of an enormous dragon. Several of these gears can be seen sticking out of the ground in several scenes. Penumbra Island Is known to have been formed on top of a space ship, and doubles as the place where The Great Raven was sealed away.

Known locationsEdit

While the exact locations of the islands is unclear, it is known that a large continent lies to the east, and another to the north, where the dragon Cherna lived.

Ruin Island - Here is where the story begins. It serves as Credenza's home.

Coin Island - Somewhere beneath here is Dragonfly's domain

Quillotia - One of the fanciest cities in the Archipelago, and capitol of the central Archipelago.

Penumbra Island - Formed over a crashed starship, this island is owned by Anthony Solair It is believed to be in the Dragon's Land section. The island is littered with anti-dragon traps created by Anthony in order to defend against his estranged family.

The location of the other islands is undetermined.

"The Archipelago can be divided into three roughly equal sections. The Western section is referred to as Archipeligia, and the largest islands are all ruled by a king, with hundreds of smaller islands that for the most part manage themselves. The middle section is dominated by the huge island of Quillotia, and several smaller kingdoms that are loyal to the Quillotian city crown. The Eastern section is the Dragon’s land, is the most technologically advanced and industrialized area of the Archipelago, and is ruled by the Dragon council." Author explaining the layout of the Archipelago

Fittingly, the central region is called the Quillotia region.

Other informationEdit

  • The World of Archipelago can be understood to be slightly more advanced than the present day, with submarines being much more advanced and easy to live in than those of the late 2010's. Spaceflight is also known to have been possible in its past, judging from the aforementioned crashed ship under Penumbra, along with artificial intelligence (granted, the presence of magic most likely helped with most, if not all of these developments).
  • From Benjamin's wording, the fable about the Archipelago being a dragon that fell to Earth was actually an unknown number of vessels in a fleet which crashed under circumstances which are currently unknown, before being buried by sediments and eventually became the modern islands.
    • Benjamin (and The Great Raven's) ship became Penumbra Island, while the ship that became Coin Island was inhabited by Dragonfly.