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The Listing of Names is an enchanted book which was created by Dragonfly to record and track the lives and history of the various heirs. In the several hundred years the book has existed, it's had plenty of time to be affected by its magic, which has given it a life of its own.

The Listing is sometimes referred to as Listy, and can change its shape and move about of its own will.


The Listing of Names can only be read by one person, a Reader chosen by the book itself from every new generation. Sometimes, however, unusual circumstances arise, and the book will select a new Reader.



  • Shapeshifting - Listy has the ability to produce long, enchanted strips of paper from its pages and shape them to resemble different forms, such as mythical creatures, animals, and even people. It's unknown if there's a limit to how large of a shape it can make, but it has made very large constructions in the past and used them in battle. 
  • Heir Tracking - It's main purpose, Listy is able to pinpoint the locations of the remaining heirs and record their family trees. 


Tuff Luck - Current Reader

Lucinda Potter - Past Reader


  • Spirit: A winding sheet of paper.