Sisirash ot Teratilca Sheshuga
Profile Tin Can Turtle
Dinosaur butler
Species Seranith
Gender Male
Age 112
Hair Light Blonde(Gray fur)
Eyes Yellow
Skin N/a
Magic Color Purple
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Butler
Home Island Coin Island
Friends & Family Willium, Simon Drake
First Appearance Book 3, page 24

Sisirash ot Teratilca Sheshuga; or Tin-Can Turtle, is the Seranith butler to the Drake household. Tin Can is old and blind but still mentally sharp and healthy for his age. He possesses the power to shoot beams of pure scorching energy from his eyes.


Tin-Can Turtle has served the Drake family for a longtime, and was serving Willium Drake at the time Credenza arrived on Coin Island. He assisted in the fight against the Shadowmandyrs.

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After Credenza, Blitz, Raven, Riley Luck, and Tuff Luck found The Listing of Names, TinCan Turtle's name was the first heir on the list. TinCan was still on Coin Island.

Tin-Can is the last serving heir of his line and the second heir to have his soul ripped from his body by Snow after fighting Hans, Knull Snow, Lucinda Potter, and Kurr. He used his magic to zap a hole in Kurr's ear, but Knull's power of nullifying magic forced Tin-Can into retreat. He got to the bathroom before Snow used the arm to rip his soul out. Tin-Can in ectoplasm-form damaged Snow's arm and managed to escape down into the sewers of the underground. He took refuge with Dragonfly until Credenza and the others found him.

Tin-Can stuck with Credenza's team as they searched for the other heirs, helping in things ranging from piloting the sub to supporting Kor when his soul was ripped out.

After retrieving his body in Book 9, he found it to be sick and disease ridden. Within a year, he died peacefully back on Coin Island.





  • It is unknown if Tin-Can had any children before his death. As such, it is unknown if he is the last holder of his Heir power.