Uru Tan
The were-whale with a winning smile
Species Were-whale
Gender Male
Age 28
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Tan
Magic Color Dark Blue
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation N/a
Home Island N/a
Friends & Family Credenza Black (sister-like friend),
Kor, Anansi, Raven(frenemy)
First Appearance Chapter 2, page 2


A former slave to Captain Snow, were-whale, and best friend to Credenza Black during her childhood. While saving Credenza's life, Uru and Credenza were separated, Credenza escaping and Uru supposedly left behind. She had no idea what happened to him, or even if he was still alive.

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Snow decided to keep him for experimenting on and ending up turning him into a jabberwocky.

He spent several years in this state before the binding circle carved on his back was broken during an attack, releasing him from the skin.


Uru is fairly upbeat, with an unfortunate tendancy to steal things when annoyed or simply to see if he can get away with it. Credenza will often make him give whatever he stole back shortly afterward.


  • Transformation - Being a were-whale, Uru can change into a bestial form at will.
  • Strong Lungs - His ability to hold his breath underwater for an incredible period of time possibly aided in his chasing after Credenza in the sub.
  • Stealth - Uru can steal small objects from people without their being aware of it until much later.
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  • Healing - Uru inherited his ancestor's powerful healing ability, allowing him to heal from large, potentially fatal, injuries but not scrapes, cuts or bruises. Anyone that comes in contact with his blood or saliva is also instantly healed.


  • Spirit: A "multi-handed skeleton".
    • The multiple hands represent that he is apparently a kleptomaniac.
  • He is apparently startled by a small flash of energy from Snow, possibly due to his repeated torture. These flashes cause an almost instinctive desire to get away.